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Portfolio Lorne Szmek

Portfolio Lorne Szmek

Lorne Szmek
Lorne Szmek
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Puro número de abstracción 8-The Multiverse

  - My name is Lorne Szmek and I have been living in the Vancouver area since 1973. I have been creating art ever since I was a small child and I have always had a vivid and elaborate imagination that I have tried to express and share through my artwork. In the late 1980’s and early 90’s I completed an apprenticeship as a machinist which started me thi...
[Biography - Lorne Szmek - 4Ko - 2014]

  - .” Peace Arch News Creativity inspires new outlet for artist By Alex Browne - Peace Arch News Published: December 16, 2008 1:00 PM Lorne Szmek used to be a machinist.That’s evident from the skill with which he uses power tools such as band saws and r...
[Announcement - Lorne Szmek - 6Ko - 2008]

  - -- News Release-- Lorne Szmek, a Surrey resident , has won acceptance into the prestigious American Juried Art Salon's 2008 Spring-Summer show. The accepted work is titled " Evolution. " It is a digital pixel art print and can be viewed at http://ww....
[Announcement - Lorne Szmek - 2Ko - 2008]