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Portfolio Nick Savides

Portfolio Nick Savides

Nick Savides
Nick Savides
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Agregó 24 abril 2013
Agregó 5 febrero 2006
Agregó 18 enero 2004
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Meatpacking District

pared calle temprano Mañana

Camarera Bañado por la luz del sol

Puesta de sol sobre el puerto de Nueva York

Sexta Avenida Movie


Movie Fila

valle del monumento en la puesta del sol

gran cañón de yellowstone al amanecer #2

gran cañón de yellowstone al amanecer #3

gran cañón de yellowstone al amanecer #1

barranca magnífica en la puesta del sol

Sión - a lo largo el Américaseptentrional tenedor virgen Río

Páramos a Atardecer en

Páramos a amanecer

  - Nick Savides learned to paint as a young child from his mother (an amateur painter) and never stopped. At Brandeis University , he studied under the New York figurative painter Paul Georges and learned formal composition and painting techniques. It w...
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  - Artist Statement
I find inspiration in the beauty of the world around me. The paintings that I make are representational, and they also tell a story. They are as much “about” what I see as what is going on inside me – they express a state of being. With Vermeer as an...
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