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Obra De Arte >> Liana Horbaniuc >> salida del sol en el lago

Obra De Arte >> Liana Horbaniuc >> salida del sol en el lago

"salida del sol en el lago"
Liana Horbaniuc
óleo / lienzo - 40 Cm x 50 Cm

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Calm and beauty! Sea charms.

(Garry, 11 September 2014)
Deeply dark - blue water! This artwork depicts all the power and beauty of the storm!

(Alfred, 3 September 2014)
Artist describe all the beauty of the autumn in this artwork. Autumn is thee most colorful season of.../...

(Lilly, 28 August 2014)
Autumn... It's so closed to us now! This picture expresses with rich colours tenderness and comfort!

(Victoria, 15 November 2013)
Such a bright and colorful painting, it is difficult to find words to describe how it is charming!!

(Monika, 15 November 2013)
hi! :D i just wanted to say that i realy love your drawings :)) keep on with the good work!! ;) my favourites would be: Volubilis, carnival world and shells 1 they're realy great and i wish you best of luck and inspiration in the near future:P
(simona, 11 January 2010)


Precios : 2500 - 2999 Euros