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Obra De Arte >> July Singer >> "Je T 'm "

Obra De Arte >> July Singer >>

""Je T 'm ""
July Singer
lápices de colores gras+ acrilico - 13 Cm x 18 Cm

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Nice art
Nice art. I am pleased with the results that you have shown us.
(Wendy, 24 February 2016)
This is fantastic work. You have really surprised me! Tangee
(Tangee, 24 February 2016)
Where did you come up with this idea?
Where did you come up with this idea? It is very unique.
(Cadence, 18 January 2016)
Wonderful work
Hello. Just here to say that this is wonderful work.
(Eva, 21 November 2015)
Totally great
This is totally great work. I love what you have done.
(Nikki, 11 November 2015)
Very nice
Very nice work here. You should be very proud of yourself.
(London Lou, 12 October 2015)
I love this image. It is cute and very colorful and bright. Makes me very happy.
(Ella, 4 October 2015)


Precios : 300 - 399 Euros