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Obra De Arte >> Joan Llaverias >> California bleu

Obra De Arte >> Joan Llaverias >> California bleu

"California bleu"
Joan Llaverias
acrilico - 200 Cm x 100 Cm

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Nice job
Hello, we just wanted to tell you that you did a nice job on this piece.
(Holly and Matt, 3 February 2016)
This piece made me smile. I am glad that you have shared with us.
(Hadley Thomas, 2 February 2016)
High praises to you
High praises to you. Excellent work.
(Gigi, 31 January 2016)
Pleased to see this
I am pleased to see this. What exceptional work.
(Margo, 29 January 2016)
Good job Joan
Great job Joan. Amazing piece.
(Mandy, 18 November 2015)


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