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About Sean Durham an introduction

Painting and drawing is an excellent medium to express one's opinion about the world around him. Read on and then look at some of my paintings in the gallery section to get an idea of my work. Sean Durham , Madrid, Spain. Sean Durham
9 septiembre 2004

I was born in Church Crookham, Fleet, England in 1960 I began to draw and paint very early in life - I saw it as a way to show my feelings and thoughts about the world around myself.

Mostly I had only paper and pencil to draw with, it was much later that I began to use colour. This led me to start searching the book shelves in the library and then doing small copies of the works of masters.

I began my working career as a Butchers -Boy, which I liked, going on to becoming a fully trained Butcher. After an unfortunate - but Monty Python like - accident, where I stabbed myself  with the knife, I changed careers and moving on joined the Army. Here I learned alot about the 'other side' of  human nature.

All the time I was drawing and painting, but with little direction or determination about the work. It was then in my late twenties that I made a firm decision to become an Artist/ Painter.

Since then I haven't looked back; I have had good tuition along the way, I've met Charlatons and self-aggrandising Professors of Art - claiming to be Masters and Avant-Garde etc. Some of these people confused me and sent me down the wrong track, wasting my time and efforts. Yet, I have now and again met the rare bird artist, who is experienced and knows his business, he has always been helpful and full of good tips and advice on painting and drawing. He knows he cannot teach another person Art, he can only help along the way. Professor Dietrich Nossky and Professor Manfred Zoller, were both of great help in making me understand how to draw and how to see.


                   All of us have different views of the World we live in. I need to use art to make sense of my surroundings. Painting,Drawing and writing are the mediums that interest me and allow me to express my ideas and opinions of life and my environment.


              I am continuing to learn, to paint, to draw and to experiment as much as possible.

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