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"the Colorspeaker"

Met you in the balcony of a theater, down on your wounded knee. You had a suitcase full of memories, and poems about Angels that you knew, could see. We were the tragedy of the "hipsters" gone wrong, wild orphans ,carried by the wind, IN that final hour, if it should arrive, COME FIND ME. j.richards 1999 (my last recorded song) Julianne Richards
5 poder 2007

      I paint because I have to. I played music for fifteen years because I had to . Unknowingly, and forever gratefully, I fell in love with being creative, and all of the arts. It is when I feel most alive that I am in the midst of world I go into whenever I am on a creative jag.

       I have not played my guitar in over two years. After several records, and a long journey with songwriting, I believe I just needed to discover something new, definitly creative, and get back to the place when one creates because they simply love the process. Commerce and art can be a delicate and potentially negative effect on  the very process of creation. I have been painting Five years. They have begun selling. However, I think my lesson was one of humility. Ego has been a huge part of many of the greatest artists. Unchecked ego, I believe, especially if left to run any artistic endeavors, is, for me, a dead end. 

I just want to enjoy what I do, and, even if I do it with an intense fervor, loving the journey is the PROCESS. Forget the rest. Just get busy, and make art for art's sake. Of course, I am only speaking of myself, and my opinion, which has been known to change. But hey, basically, I believe and make art by that philosophy.

My on-line gallery:                           http://www.yessy.com/richards

personal blog:                                      http://www.colorspeaker.com

My musical website:                                        http://www.juliannemusic.com

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                          jr-the Colorspeaker

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