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Obra De Arte >> Moses Foresto >> soplo azul soplado

Obra De Arte >> Moses Foresto >> soplo azul soplado

"soplo azul soplado"
Moses Foresto
óleo sobre lienzo - 95 Cm x 150 Cm
Azul invasion… azul es entodaspartes ,
Azul podria ser santa blanco , azul podria ser verde fresca ,
Azul podria ser caliente rojo , azul podria ser apestoso amarillo ,
Azul podria ser condenados complicado , azul podria ser traidor ,
Azul es todaclasede cromática , azul es daltonismo ,
Azul podria ser un película , azul podria ser tu emoción ,
Azul gripe , azul pegamento , azul verdadero , azul yo , sopló tú !
( Moisés F , lukisanmoses . com sitio web )

700 €

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Abstract Paintings are having a Different Taste!
There are so many types of painting that people love to follow. Among all of them it’s the abstract painting that has exactly drawing more reputation across the globe due to it effectiveness. And more of all involvement of Moses Forestos like artists has exactly taken this art form to a new level. Abstract paintings have managed to acquire more wor.../...
(Grisham, 19 November 2010)
Love for painting!!
A contemporary artist and got the name as famous painter in this part of the world. In her paintings she loves to use the scenes from the streets, cityscapes and different landscapes with different elegant values. She has managed to receive enough fame as a painter due to her Fable-Crater paintings that are now available in a series. The paintings .../...
(Shaun, 28 September 2010)


Moses Foresto

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