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Obra De Arte >> Atijas Mihajlo >> MESÍAS 01 2018

Obra De Arte >> Atijas Mihajlo >> MESÍAS 01   2018

"MESÍAS 01 2018"
Atijas Mihajlo
mezclado - 50 Cm x 50 Cm

300 €

Print 25 €

Poster 45 €

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Its time to feel the Traditional Taste!
I have always anticipated for some of the great art works that have been created on the basis of the traditional values. In the mean time I came across the art works from Atijas Mihajlo. Through his art works he is always trying to show his love for Israel and the tradition that people use to follow in this part of the world. He has even added the .../...
(Alan Fazzino, 11 November 2010)