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Portfolio Eva Ivanova

Portfolio Eva Ivanova

  - A href='http://ArtsCad.com/@/EvaIvanova' Img Src='http://ArtsCad.com/A.nsf/Label-2.gif' border=0 /A Welcome all visitors of my gallery! Thank you for interest to my works. I was born in the beautiful city of St. Petersburg, the city which gave me a sense of style, gave the desire to contemplate and to create wonderful and determined the choice of m...
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  - Payment and Shipment Страница Eva Ivanova
Payment through Paypal. I send mail from Finland. Payment for paintings Paypal, post pictures from Finland. Free shipping.
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  - A copy of an old still life Страница Eva Ivanova
For a detailed scrutiny of the picture Present to you the photos of the work from different angles.
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  - Dear visitors of gallery! Glad to inform you that 25.11.2016 opened an exhibition of my works titled "Sweetheart of Hamina" . All the paintings exhibited there dedicated to the Finnish town of Hamina, which I love. The beauty of this town and Finnish nature have touched my soul. The exhibition features both watercolor and oil paintings. Any picture...
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