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Portfolio Juan Luis Quintana

Portfolio Juan Luis Quintana

"Hay lugares que le dejaran huella como Arizona y Nuevo México en EEUU, otros como Riga en Letonia le acercan a las culturas nó rdicas y sus mitologí as basadas en la naturaleza. Un viaje a Tanzania y Uganda le confirman esa predisposició n hacia la bú squeda de las formas primitivas bá sicas de los elementos que pinta"

Juan Luis Quintana
Juan Luis Quintana
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Hay  lugares que le dejaran huella como  Arizona y  Nuevo México en EEUU, otros como Riga en Letonia le acercan a las culturas nórdicas  y sus mitologías basadas en la naturaleza. Un viaje a Tanzania y Uganda le confirman esa predisposición hacia la búsqueda de las formas primitivas básicas de los elementos que pinta y del color. El salar de Uyuni y los Andes, Machu picchu en Perú, Chichen itza en Mejico, etc  lugares de origen de las culturas pre-colombinas que le empiezan a interesar desde joven por la década de los 70'
Su última exposición individual realizada en el año 2005 en la galería Albión de Barcelona con el titulo de Paisajes Antropomórficos fue una muestra que acuño  todos estas influencias en una síntesis estética al  reducir en las formas totémicas,  las raíces de las cosas en su relación con la naturaleza y las energías que las gobiernan.
Actualmente Juan Luis Quintana reside en el Priorat donde pasa largas jornadas imbuido en esos entornos naturales tan puros aún,  en una comarca de la que él es buen conocedor pues desde pequeño veraneaba allí con sus padres.


Juan Luis Quintana



After studying fine arts at the University of Barcelona, the artist studied computer art at the Art Institute of Chicago.  He had various collective exhibits in Chicago and San Francisco.  When he returned to Barcelona he exhibited his work at the Estol Gallery on Consell de Cent.  From this point onward, Quintana utilized his travels and periods of time abroad to enrich his work.

Many landscapes have left their imprint on Quintana´s work.  Places as diverse as Arizona and New Mexico or Latvia brought him an understanding of different mythologies based on nature.  A trip to Tanzania and Uganda confirmed the importance of color and basic elements in Quintana´s paintings.  El Salar, the Andes, Chichen Itza and Machu Piccu  and the pre-Colombian cultures have interested the artist since the 1970´s.

Quintana´s most recent individual show took place in Albion Gallery in 2005.  The title of the exhibition was Anthropomorphic Landscapes and the show synthesized all the above influences into totemic forms with their very roots in nature.

At present the artist resides in the Priorat where he enjoys those same elements of nature which are so important to him and where he first spent summers as a small child. 

A View of the environment and the Nature of Things

The sources of inspiration for Juan Luis Quintana are related to an environment rich in natural resources like the open spaces of the Priorat or the special light found of the province of Tarragona. 

In his study of objects viewed outside of their functional context and habitat,  Quintana has tried to juxtapose them with aspects of modernity without forgetting their historical transcendence or role in classical antiquity.


Circular Geometries uses a brush stroke with added lines drawn on the wet surface of the canvas.  According to the author, ¨Once the surface permits, I take the paintbrush by the opposite end and use it like a pencil to create spontaneous or more studied forms.  It is important to draw quickly as the wet surface dries fast and it doesn´t permit many corrections of line or detail.¨


The shape of the planisphere is found in various compositions as are elements like columns or cups in which the surface is transparent enough to show the circular structure.   There is a predominance of oval shapes. 

Circular Geometries is the title of the exhibit

The primary objective of the artist in this theme which he has been working on since the 90´s is to investigate and enter into the world of archetypes, forms which go deeper than their regular use.  Geometry as a universal language is used by Quintana to express these ideas.  The drawings show the hidden nature of forms and structures of the objects themselves.  Without any doubt, these works reflect  the Mediterranean origins of the artist.
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