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Portfolio Katrina Sjoberg

Portfolio Katrina Sjoberg

Katrina Sjoberg
Katrina Sjoberg
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hojas en Un vino

My Piano Redline

Peacock Esplendor

Puntas de flecha en vuelo II

Carro de la flor Explosión VENDIDO

Castillo del Este

Desert Sands

Curvas de cheques n

Caos Ocultos

Bluegreen ventana

Corazones sangrantes

No Somos Gorgeous

Sangre de Cristo

santo corazón

fuego y hielo

Organismos de plata

árbol de la vida

Toscana Birdbath VENDIDO

Pasos hacia la iluminación

Mi señora en sillón rojo

El amanecer de Un NuevaGalesdelSur Día

colorwheel floral VENDIDAS

Cuentas N Bigotes

Sabana africana

  - Hello Art Enthusiast! I have had a dream and a vision for some time now, that I would be selling all my artworks in my current inventory to a prominent and large palace-like home with large walls to display my art. There are between 75 and 85 original designs in my gallery, all displayed in a custom-built rack. I would love to find a buyer for my f...
[Announcement - Katrina Sjoberg - 2Ko - 2018]

  - Artist's Statement As an artist always looking for inspiration, I turn to nature over and over. Whether I'm working with hundreds of tiny fabric squares trying to find just the right shade of color, a different hue or tone, I seem to gravitate to all fabrics depicting natural settings of trees, bushes, and flowers, usually finding the exact color I...
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