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Portfolio Michael L. Selley

Portfolio Michael L. Selley

 el Chango Loco is the entity under which I create               Michael L. Selley is the Painter, the Abstract


a series of deeply sculpted reliefs               Expressionist, but also the


inspired by the Pre-Columbian Art               Portrait Artist, the Illustrator,


of the Aztec, Maya, Olmec and                    the Draftsman.  My work is 


many other indigenous peoples                    very eclectic, I enjoy many


of the Americas  This is a project that is very dear to me as it             styles and believe that each


allows me an expression of my cultural heritage.                                   offers its own unique opportunity to express myself.


So you will find here a wide variety of styles and techniques from the primitive sculpting of el Chango Loco... to carefully


rendered portraits... to the passionate expressions of Michael L. Selley.  I hope to bring you all this and more.

Michael L. Selley
Michael L. Selley
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El Escape

Cromo Chapado corazón

Placa de TLALOC

Azteca Pájaro Motiff

Composición sin título


pintado cráneo

Vida muerte máscara

máscara de tezcatlipoca

composotion sin título

Composición sin título

jefe de guacamayo

primitivo máscara

Olmeca inspirado máscara

mono fecha glifo

Maya Cura sienta legged cruzado

Coyolxauhqui ( Azteca Luna Diosa )

Mujer Flanqueado por los monos

Luto 9 11

el diablo adentro


Composición de Brown y Oro

COMPOSICIÓN para rojo asícomo oro

Múltiples Autorretratos

composición pulg rojo y oro

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  - Many Styles, One Man
el Chango Loco is the entity under which I create Michae l L. Selley is the Painter, the Abstract a series of deeply sculpted reliefs Expressionist, but also the inspired by the Pre-Columbian Art Portrait Artist, the Illustrator, of the Aztec, Maya, ...
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  - Michael L. Selley An Exhibition of Pre-Columbian Art Reproductions at the TRADITIONAL INDIGENOUS HEALINGS SEMINAR Oct. 10, 2006 6PM - 8Pm Houghton-Jones Center 1708 Johnson St. Saginaw, Michigan ADMISSION $6.00 REFRESHMENTS WILL BE SERVED PRESENTED B...
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  - Michael L. Selley B orn June 29, 1957 in Chicago, Illinois, USA, of mixed heritage (father French/English, mother Mexican American) and raised in a mid-sized manufacturing community in Michigan. Michael is the third of eight children, eldest of Lawre...
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