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Portfolio Moses Foresto

Portfolio Moses Foresto

Moses Foresto
Moses Foresto
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Agregó 11 febrero 2012
Agregó 25 enero 2012
Agregó 11 noviembre 2010
Agregó 24 septiembre 2010
Agregó 12 septiembre 2010
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kahandak atey ( kehendak hati )


Pakat Rantep (Cerca de la Armonía)

Tarian Naga (Danza de los Dragones)

Asien Hatala (la Gracia de Dios)

Kahandak Atey

Red Horse y luz de la luna

hasta usted caballero

Esquizo Romántica


mi estimado karol

Mezclado & Mezclado

mangaramak bawi lewu

cerebro cielo

soy mujer & soy fuerte

gus dur

muerto sueño

hervido calabaza

viviendo es el morir

soplo azul soplado

grande paso adelante

batang garing kinan uret

cabeza a la cabeza paradoja

mi colorido sobrino

penanan padi ( padi cosecha )

  - POEM FOR A FRIENDLY FRIEND Moses Foresto's Page
A best friend of mine, had a fatal accident passed away in September 3rd 2010. This poem & painting is dedicated to her. POEM FOR A FRIENDLY FRIEND wish to paint the sky clearly, but it’s too cloudy hope that I could paint after the rain, but still too much pain mind of crowded, afraid of departed please me friend, please my friend, grease again, g...
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  - I began to draw comics, sketches, superheroes cartoons, and figures caricatures in 1980's and painting on canvas in 1990's as a hobby. In 2000's I became a pro, I made paintings for living. My first and the most important painting teacher is my mother, Liane Lampe Widagdo, and then Pak Wahyu and my SMP school teacher, Pak Norman. In my early years,...
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