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Portfolio Nick Darastean

Portfolio Nick Darastean

Nick Darastean
Nick Darastean
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Agregó 12 febrero 2007
Agregó 4 Diciembre 2005
Agregó 30 noviembre 2005
Agregó 27 noviembre 2005
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El otro Amsterdam

taza con leche

tres leche medidas en a silla



dos azul flores

Ten cuidado

dos naranjas

el poco estatuas

el poco cristal tazón de fuente

el azul botella

Porcelana de delft azul

Bodegón con soda botella

el perdido sonido

Pequeño perdió pasiones

casi a vida inmóvil

otros familia feliz

Madre asícomo niño

San Juan el Bautista

arcángel Miguel

San Juan el Bautista

"ROYAL GATES- miniaturas "

Madre asícomo niño

Arcángel Miguel


  - NICK DARASTEAN ww.darastean.com Born: April 2, 1971 in Halmagiu, Arad - Romania ARTISTIC DEVELOPMENT: since 2001- Member of the Romanian Artists Union, Timisoara 1995-1997 Tibiscus University Timisoara, Faculty of Design, specialized in Design and De...
[Biography - Nick Darastean - 6Ko - 2007]

  - Statement
I have always wanted to express through words more than I could. For me, writing poems needs words that do not exist yet, playing music requests talents I do not have. Thus using images I have put into these paintings everything I definitely wanted t...
[Page - Nick Darastean - 3Ko - 2005]

  - “Niculita Darastean is one of those artists for whom – alike ancient Chinese – art is a unique essence, that the artist can pour in the containers of different skills, as many as he can master. Painter, drawer, designer, photographer, the poet who is...
[Biography - Nick Darastean - 4Ko - 2005]

  - "A quick look upon the work of N. Darastean could lead us to the surrealistic style (common objects, real images of the known world, distributed in the structure of the painting by random, absurd or delirious connections). But behind the disorder the...
[Biography - Nick Darastean - 4Ko - 2005]