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Portfolio Surealworld Illustrations

Portfolio Surealworld Illustrations

Surealworld Illustrations
Surealworld Illustrations
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Peter tomó su ojo fuera de Jesús y empezó hundir .

el corazón


Mayordomo todaclasede el Cosecha

alimentado carreterasecundaria Un Milagro todaclasede Compasión

Mayordomo todaclasede el Cosecha

Curar nuestra tierra pumpin esculpir

curar nuestra tierra

El terror y la paz

dejaron sus redes y dejaron sus barco a seguir a jesús

mismo portriat

Humilde Tu en auto la vista de los Señor

Victoria través de la oración

Agua Viva


el visión de cuatro bestia cuarto bestia

Vision del leopardo de cuatro Bestia

el visión de cuatro bestia oso

La visión del león bestia de cuatro

Sembrador y la semilla

el apoyo se en el camino

La salvación en una tormenta

La creación clama

No perdonó a libertad condicional

  - Steward of the Harvest Surealworld Illustrations's Page
A collection of Art,Poetry,Commentary Works by Stephen J. Vattimo A full color Hard Cover book. Available for purchase on Amazon,Bards and Noble
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  - Stephen J. Vattimo Artist, Poet, Comedian, teacher, Writer, Apologist, Born: 1965 City of birth: Norristown Pa. Education: Central Montgomery Vocational Technical School: Commercial Art The U.S.Army School of Engineers: Carpentry / Masonry /Demolition The U.S.Army University of Health and Science: Emergency Medicine Citadel Bible College: Bible/ Th...
[Biography - Surealworld Illustrations - 3Ko - 2019]

  - Sharing God's Message Of Hope Surealworld Illustrations's Page
Fund Raiser To Fiance the publishing of A Book Of Art and Poetry I am a Christian evangelist, has always worked a regular job to pay my way through life. I have for over thirty years have been reach out to the world with the gospel using my talents in art, poetry, and writing article on social and political issues our world is facing, addressing th...
[Page - Surealworld Illustrations - 3Ko - 2017]

  - Drive Through Window Surealworld Illustrations's Page
A drive through window joke. Two Sci-Fi Geeks are siting in their car wait for their turn to pick up their food they ordered at the drive through window at McDonald's. Now they had just got done watching the Movie When Mars Attacks for the tenth time. Now Geek one say to his friend, " You know that Extraterrestrial haven been visiting Earth for so ...
[Page - Surealworld Illustrations - 2Ko - 2012]

  - Manufacture's Price Surealworld Illustrations's Page
I was inspired to write this short humorous after buying a new car. When I was making the decision to buy the car, I mad it on the sicker price on the window. Fine out after the deal was mad,and two hour late,me and a friend found out by studying the paper work,the dealer ship charge me 4000.00 dollar above the sticker price. A man is on road trip ...
[Page - Surealworld Illustrations - 3Ko - 2012]

  - Talking Heads Surealworld Illustrations's Page
A poem that addresses the need to find hope in God and not in government. Spin it around Turn it out Media infiltration Rising up in my bed To enter the rat race another day Laying down in my bed To enter rest and peace All I hear in between Is Talking Heads Always competing Never retreating Event when they have been decapitated by their foe Behind...
[Page - Surealworld Illustrations - 3Ko - 2012]

  - Freedom To Fly Surealworld Illustrations's Page
A poem about freedom is a gift not a privilege. Freedom to fly Is a God given gift Dreaming is as air is for living Flowing down from His highly exalted throne Freedom to fly Is not a privilege granted By rulers who's realm of authority is ground bound Knowledge of wrong and right Is revealed to us From The Righteous One Who dwells in a kingdom on ...
[Page - Surealworld Illustrations - 3Ko - 2012]

  - Cinderella Fellow Surealworld Illustrations's Page
A Poem about how outward dress can hide the real person. Cinderella Fellow Cinderella Fellow Once upon a dreary day He had to appear before a jury To see if he would be hand over to zoo keeper To be sentenced to captivity in a cage or put on a leash until he earned his freedom Cinderella Fellow Cinderella Fellow He dressed his best to impress the j...
[Page - Surealworld Illustrations - 3Ko - 2012]

  - A -" F "-On The President's Report Card Surealworld Illustrations's Page
A article on how the president has been serving himself instead of the will of the people. I want to start this article by remind every United States Citizen,that our Government is suppose to serve , protect,represent the will of the citizen of this great nation, and not to make it's people servants of the government. When any member of our Governm...
[Page - Surealworld Illustrations - 6Ko - 2011]

  - Lock Your Windows,Doors,And Hide Under Your Bed Surealworld Illustrations's Page
Humorous short story, how foul language cause miscommunication. I wrote this short humorous story , be cause so many people sound unintelligent by their use of foul language in every conversation they have with some one. This is such a cultural problem,that in the movie Star Trek The Journey Home,Captain Kirk Tell Spock that People use foul languag...
[Page - Surealworld Illustrations - 3Ko - 2011]

  - What A Explosive Combination Surealworld Illustrations's Page
A short humorous story about a stress test experience. I went to my local hospital for a stress test ,because my heart is enlarged on the left side. Part of the test the is to have a radioactive dye to be injected into the bloodstream ,so the cardiologist can monitor the hearts function while put under stress. While the cardiologist was injecting t...
[Page - Surealworld Illustrations - 2Ko - 2011]

  - Package Inspector Surealworld Illustrations's Page
This Humorous short story,focuses on a not so funny trend that is taking place in many youth programs. These programs are designed to help children learn skills that will help them be out stand adult citizen. But people who are of immoral persuasion try to use these same programs to corrupted our youth. Two friends take their families on a joint ca...
[Page - Surealworld Illustrations - 3Ko - 2011]

  - I want That Duck's Phone Number Surealworld Illustrations's Page
Humorous story about being in a rush and not being able to find the time to chew one food. There is this man waiting by the copy machine for his report to finish printing out. He is startled out of his day dream of what he hopes to do during his weekend off , by the peculiar sound of the quack of a duck ! He whip his head around to find out what ma...
[Page - Surealworld Illustrations - 2Ko - 2011]

  - Cracker Jack Are Bad For You Surealworld Illustrations's Page
I wrote this short humorous story to remind people of the dangers they put them selves into when they participate in promiscuous sexual relationships. I wrote this short humorous story to remind people of the dangers they put them selves into when they participate in promiscuous sexual relationships. Two men who are friends, run into each other at ...
[Page - Surealworld Illustrations - 2Ko - 2011]

  - Mistaken Idenitity Surealworld Illustrations's Page
Some many people in this world think they are the center of the universe . they won't bow their knee to God, and ask for help,when they can't fix the mess they made of their lives. I was traveling along my life line, when mine line intersected with a peculiar guy, In a time and a place,that was not unfamiliar to me. He stared at his reflection in a...
[Page - Surealworld Illustrations - 2Ko - 2011]

  - A Half Hour To Kill Surealworld Illustrations's Page
Real life humorous story, on how I killed a half hour in between Doctor tests at a hospital.. This humorous story really did take place. I has been sick for a couple of weeks, and thought that my respiratory infection turn into pneumonia,so my doctor had me get a X-ray on my lungs. Well the X-ray did not show that I had pneumonia,but it did show th...
[Page - Surealworld Illustrations - 3Ko - 2011]

  - God Is Not A Weapon Surealworld Illustrations's Page
A article that addresses the the atrocities that have been carried out in the name of God, and Jesus's name, through out history. That atheists use to discredit the existence of God. As my poetry and writings are getting more exposure, I am receiving challenges from atheists who try to assert that the arts are no place to express religious beliefs ...
[Page - Surealworld Illustrations - 4Ko - 2011]

  - A World With Out God Surealworld Illustrations's Page
Why sufferings of the world will not cease. A breaking news around the world, God is dead! It has been broad casted over and over again,in the media,in the market place. No one attended His funeral,or wake. He was buried in a unmarked grave. But around the world all the nations are celebrating His demise. The philosophers around the world are procl...
[Page - Surealworld Illustrations - 3Ko - 2011]

  - Are Your Feet Ready To Leave The Ground? Surealworld Illustrations's Page
A poem about the signs of the return of Christ. he sands of time are running low.Love has grown cold.The storm clouds of hostility are growing bold.The scroll of God's Judgement is beginning to be unrolled. If your eye are blind to the truth.If your heart is cold toward the lord.There is still hope for you.Cry out to the God to save your soul. Are ...
[Page - Surealworld Illustrations - 2Ko - 2011]

  - Hearts Of Clay :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Surealworld Illustrations's Page
A poem about relationships :::::::::::::::::::::::: A relationship is like a piece of clay,on a potter's wheel. Relationships spin round and round,some time emotions are up,some times there down.A potter's wheel never spins perfectly level. Hearts are like a piece of clay,sometime they are hard,sometimes they are soft.They take their form from the ...
[Page - Surealworld Illustrations - 2Ko - 2011]

  - Comedious Commentarious :Milk, The Gift That keeps On Giving Surealworld Illustrations's Page
A Short humorous story about shopping for Christmas gifts. I wrote this short humorous story, out of my concern of all the hormone, ,steroids that are used in raising animals to become food for human consumption. I believe the steroids and hormone are passes on to human through the consumption of the meat . I believe these growth hormone and steroi...
[Page - Surealworld Illustrations - 3Ko - 2010]

  - Comedious Commentarious : Complementary services Surealworld Illustrations's Page
I was inspired to write this short humorous story by the news of the new shocking security measures air port security have taken to prevent terrorism. I was inspired to write this short humorous story by the news of the new shocking security measures air port security have taken to prevent terrorism. Early in November I heard on the news that air p...
[Page - Surealworld Illustrations - 3Ko - 2010]

  - Comedious Commentarious :Communication Device Surealworld Illustrations's Page
I find Cell Phone can be annoying if the user doesn't practice common courtesy to the people around them,when they use their Cell Phone. I was inspired to write this humorous short story to express what turn me off about cell phones. I find Cell Phone can be annoying if the user doesn't practice common courtesy to the people around them,when they u...
[Page - Surealworld Illustrations - 2Ko - 2010]

  - Surealword Poetry : Alone Surealworld Illustrations's Page
This poem expresses my feeling about living a life absent of romance. Living life alone, Is like sailing a dark, cold,ocean. You only feel the warm of love in your dreams. Living life alone, when the raging waves of life toss you overboard, there is no one to pull you back into the boat. No one to dry you off, and rap you in a warm blanket. Living ...
[Page - Surealworld Illustrations - 2Ko - 2010]