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Los Pinturas del medio Mujer y que contenga la palabra mirit ben, nun, mujer, painting, abstracci��n simb��lico

Mirit Ben-Nun - Feminist artists from Israel Mirit Ben-NunFeminist artists from Israel Mirit Ben-NunMirit Ben-Nun

Mirit Ben-Nun believes and feels that art is a vital and necessary function for human existence, it is what enriches the human race.;For Mirit it is her everyday language and her wish is that it reaches the one who observes her works of art and allows her to communicate her most positive aspects of ...

Mirit Ben-Nun - Woman jewelry expressive paintings artist israeli Mirit Ben-NunWoman jewelry expressive paintings artist israeli Mirit Ben-NunMirit Ben-Nun

The painting is engulfing as a result of being primitive, free from justification and the sense of guilt for not being intellectual. It comes from the unconscious creative the psychological drive which is not adapted to a language of nuances and does not require decoding.;Mirits spectator is bomba...