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Los Pinturas del medio Abstracto y que contenga la palabra yosef reznikov, abstracto, fantas��a

Yosef Reznikov - la mujer enestado  Un  mandolina la mujer enestado Un mandolina Yosef Reznikov

The influence of paintings on a person;Some people believe that everyone in the house should have at least one painting. But why hang it in the room? Previously, and now, too, paintings are considered signs of wealthy people who already have nowhere to put their money. Some people buy because they t...

Yosef Reznikov - Vistoso musical composición # 3Vistoso musical composición # 3Yosef Reznikov

Abstract painting in the interior;Abstract art can be considered the beginning of modern energy painting. Abstraction does not carry a specific meaning - it is sensations, emotions, and feelings. Such painting, unlike realism, affects the emotional and energetic state of a person instantly.;When you...

Yosef Reznikov - Composición -MusiciansComposición -MusiciansYosef Reznikov

Geometrical abstraction;Geometrical abstraction (sometimes geometric abstractionism) is a form of abstract art based on the use of geometric forms, sometimes, though not always, located outside the illusory space and combined into abstract, non-objective compositions. The basis of abstract compositi...