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Obra De Arte >> Diane Caron >> caverne du coeur

Obra De Arte >> Diane Caron >> caverne du coeur

"caverne du coeur"
Diane Caron
óleos sobre lienzo - enmarcado - 61 Cm x 76 Cm
L'unique vers pasaje l'Univers . . . \ Lo único autopista hacia el universo . . .

3500 €

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Please let me meet Yanni...
Dear mrs. Caron, My name is Jubille Jacer and I was your grandson, Yanni's, best friend since elementary. I moved to Edmonton 3 years ago and lost his contact and I was hoping that you were his grandmother. I saw the portrait that looks just like him and I really hope that I'm right... I'm currently in town and I'll be in Montreal until the 27t.../...
(Jubille, 18 July 2016)


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