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Obra De Arte >> Nadine Nicaise >> el violín agotado

Obra De Arte >> Nadine Nicaise >> el violín agotado

"el violín agotado"
Nadine Nicaise
acrilico - 60 Cm x 80 Cm

150 €

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This is lovely work. I admire you.
(Hannah, 20 November 2015)
Wow. Excellent work on this piece Great job.
(Frank, 18 November 2015)
Hello pleased to see this
Hello I am very pleased to have seen your work. I am now a fan.
(Kris, 17 November 2015)
This is such a breathtaking piece. I am amazed at what you have done.
(Paul, 8 November 2015)
Thanks for sharing this with us. I enjoyed seeing it.
(Art, 31 October 2015)
So emotional
This piece is so emotional. You have really captured it here.
(Teri, 26 October 2015)
What wonderful work! You always do such an excellent job.
(Hailey B., 18 October 2015)
Amazing piece
I have to tell you that this piece is so awesome and amazing. It shows so many feelings. You have really captured this quite well.
(Candy Cane, 18 October 2015)
I am impressed with your work. It is not everyday that you see a piece of work like this that really captures what you have done.
(Anderson, 21 September 2015)
I like the simplicity of this composition. Only a boy, instrument and a window. Peeling wall adds a .../...

(Adan, 29 October 2013)