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Obra De Arte >> Trabaud Virginie >> Playa y Acantilados d'Etretat

Obra De Arte >> Trabaud Virginie >> Playa y Acantilados d'Etretat

"Playa y Acantilados d'Etretat"
Trabaud Virginie
mortero acrilico - 80 Cm x 60 Cm
Mesa de pintura de acrílico escultura en mortero alivio efecto 3D
formato 80 x 60 centímetro
Obra de arte único y dados original l'artiste pintor enumerado drouot
Premiar 6 veces en los salones d'Arts ( precios público - ayuntamiento de la ciudad - medalla dado l'assemblée nacional etcétera . )

3300 €

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Made me smile
This made me smile. I am glad that I saw it.
(Annette, 8 February 2016)
OMG what a great piece. So cute and lifelike. I love it. One of the best that I have seen.
(Tiff, 7 February 2016)
This is very cool. I like what you have done with this piece.
(Heather, 5 February 2016)
Such details
Wow this has such details in it. I am impressed with your work.
(Anna D, 3 February 2016)
Awe this looks just like my kitty Miss Maude. I love it so much.
(Tabitha, 2 February 2016)
"Mountain View - the village of Guagno Corsica" Trabaud Virginie
I can completely see why this would win an award. What a great painting.
(Alice, 17 September 2015)