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Obra De Arte >> Martina Krupickova >> Azul Belleza

Obra De Arte >> Martina Krupickova >> Azul Belleza

"Azul Belleza"
Martina Krupickova
aceite lienzo - 80 Cm x 75 Cm
El cuadro se caracteriza por un fuerte color y trazos sobre un fondo negro que juega con la luz y la sombra . Sólo una espátula se utiliza en la creación de esta pintura .
En todo el mundo envío para liberar .

2259 €

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Beautiful artwork
Wow! Great work! I really love this city! And looking at your painting, I felt as I visited Prague again! Like your style!
(Michelle, 25 March 2019)
Like all the detail of your painting, like the style. And its so realistic that it makes me feel that I am near that pond!
(Julia, 17 January 2019)
No 22
No 22 is one of my all time favorites. I love it.
(Even, 29 February 2016)
Great work. You have to be really proud of yourself.
(Cadence, 8 December 2015)
Great share
Great share. I love the duck in the water.
(Paul, 3 December 2015)
This is gorgeous work. Reminds me of a home that I would want to live in.
(Angela, 20 November 2015)
This reminds me of my mom and dad as they rode on a double decker bus on their honeymoon. Makes me think of that and how happy they were in the images that I have seen:)
(Austina, 2 October 2015)


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