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Obra De Arte >> Jonathan Pradillon >> Calor

Obra De Arte >> Jonathan Pradillon >> Calor

Jonathan Pradillon
mesa ra9alisa9 a0 pintura acrílica y cepillo. on de madera `rheum` entoila9 algodón lienzo - 20 Cm x 60 Cm
Tabla rA9alisA9 A0 pintura acrílica y pincel sobre madera rheum lona de algodón entoilA9.
Formato (sin marco): 20 cm x 60 cm x 1,5 cm
Fecha rA9alisation 02 \ 2015
Precio: 70 Euros.

70 €

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Divine work. Glad that I was able to see this today.
(Paul, 28 February 2016)
Sweet work my friend!
(Thomas, 24 February 2016)
Cool work
Very cool work. Glad that I stopped by to look.
(Beau, 24 February 2016)
Perfect for my home
This is perfect for my home. I have the most awesome place to hang it by our fireplace. I want it.
(Elyse, 21 October 2015)
Work is amazing
Work on this is amazing. I love how you combined it all together. Great job.
(James K, 12 October 2015)