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Obra De Arte >> Mirit Ben-Nun >> Art of feminism pictures from Israel

Obra De Arte >> Mirit Ben-Nun >> Art of feminism pictures from Israel

"Art of feminism pictures from Israel"
Mirit Ben-Nun
ink and acrylic on paper
Mirit Ben-Nun’s art exists within and beyond reality. She moves away from reality with aggressive and dense colorfulness which reveals an inner testimony of a threatened existence of women. The lines, points and shapes do not reproduce facts but emphasize the special charge of emotional coping.
Mirit Ben-Nun shows a rebellious spirit and tries to reach out to things not through wholeness but via searching for their expression and manifestation.
She explores personal identity and through it tries to define a complementary art, thereby illustrating the world and the nature of human culture. She focuses on the expressive dimension because of the exposure afforded by the uncontrollable moment that so much affects life in a rapidly changing global world.
The discourse between the inner world and the emerging reality is hyperactive and generates in Ben - Nun an endless sequence of works.
From the depths of feelings, dreams, anxieties and expressions arise rigid and exciting meanings of existence whose essence expresses adaptation difficulties and restlessness.
Dora Woda

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You have many outstanding and original works of art. Love it.
(Karina Garno, 1 November 2019)


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