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Obra De Arte >> Asbjorn Lonvig >> Frederic la rana

Obra De Arte >> Asbjorn Lonvig >> Frederic la rana

"Frederic la rana"
Asbjorn Lonvig
para la pintura y impresión - 100 Cm x 70 Cm
Edición limitada. Edición 50. Impresión sobre lienzo.

1175 €

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aww cute))
so bright, simple and childish! i love your artworks!
(Mokka, 27 January 2016)
question de goût
il en faut pour tous les goûts. !!!!!!!
(Denis Lachance, 18 July 2007)
So Much...
Dear Mr. Lonvig, I have just begun to look at your paintings. My favorite so far are Grand Canyon Blue, Everest Blue, and Sad days indeed. Sad days indeed is so truethful to the language of art. I wish I had better words to describe the fulfillment of emotion Sad days indeed has for me. Thank you, Kelly Jo Schehr
(Kelly Jo Schehr, 29 August 2006)
ArtsCad Art Critic
Lonvig’s father would solve family crises by telling a joke. This would help him become a storyteller later in life. Lonvig. Although a loner throughout school, Lonvig was still successful, getting good grades as well as being part of the soccer and yachting clubs. He also started a computer company that he would eventually sell, becoming the first.../...
(ArtsCad Art Critic, 24 February 2006)